Thursday, January 6, 2011

Channel Islands National Park

I would so love to camp out on these islands for an excessive period of time.


  1. So beautiful! I'd love to go camping there, too. Guess my ultimate would be to sail there and live on the boat. Incredible scenery, it was a treat to see the pictures.

  2. Yes! I'd like to sail to the islands and bring along a sea kayak with which to explore the coastlines and visit the sea caves. Scuba gear would be neat too as the marine life near the islands is amazing.

  3. I just read this post, wow did you know the Island of the Blue Dolphins was based on the true story of the Nicoleno woman who was stuck on the most remote of the Channel islands for 18 years!! I shared that info with my class last year because we read the book... next time I teach it I will use your blog post and show all the great pics you put together. She loved the islands so much, she died after just 2 weeks from the time of her "rescue"....

    1. ps this is Andge, not sure why its not putting my pic etc