Here are the top fifteen items from my current wishlist for those who might like to get me a present. The list order is arbitrary.

  1. Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and an Introduction to Chaos, Second Edition (Pure and Applied Mathematics), by Morris W. Hirsch
  2. Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences, by Mary L. Boas
  3. Molecular Biology of the Cell, by Alberts, Johnson, Lewis, et al.
  4. Gaining Ground, Second Edition: The Origin and Evolution of Tetrapods, by Jennifer Clack
  5. The First Humans: Origin and Early Evolution of the Genus Homo, by Frederick E. Grine
  6. Drifting on Alien Winds: Exploring the Skies and Weather of Other Worlds, by Michael Carroll
  7. A Logical Journey: From Gödel to Philosophy, by Hao Wang
  8. Origins: The Evolution of Continents, Oceans and Life, by Ron Redfern
  9. Introduction to Paleobiology and the Fossil Record, Michael J. Benton
  10. Vertebrate Palaeontology, by Michael J. Benton
  11. Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution, by Robert L. Carroll
  12. Introduction to Modern Astrophysics (2nd Edition), by Bradley W. Carroll
  13. The Human Career: Human Biological and Cultural Origins, Third Edition, by Richard G. Klein
  14. Spacetime and Geometry, by Sean M. Carroll
  15. Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics, by John Marshall
  16. Principles of Planetary Climate, by Raymond T. Pierrehumbert
  17. Biochemistry: A Short Course, by John L. Tymoczko, et al.
  18. Ecology: Concepts and Applications, by Manuel Molles
  19. Exoplanets (Space Science Series), by Sara Seager
  20. The Book of Fungi, by Peter Roberts
  21. Early Life, by Lynn Margulis
  22. Sedimentary Rocks in the Field, by Maurice E. Tucker
  23. Planetary Systems: Detection, Formation and Habitability of Extrasolar Planets, by Marc Ollivier, et al.

Updated 4/5/2012


  1. Why don't you ever read anything of substance, instead of all this fluff? It's so simple a child could do it -- a child could do it. Brain and brain, what is brain?

    Seriously, thanks for making the list! :)

  2. Do you have an Amazon link to your wishlist... so it has your address etc?